365 Messaging Project Overview

The Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) designed the “365 Messaging Project” as a tool to spread awareness and build momentum for the Embrace the Gulf Campaign in the year 2020. The project will provide 365 Gulf-themed, GOMA-branded messages to stakeholders and partners for broadcasting across a wide variety of communication platforms.

The Need

GOMA’s Education and Engagement Team seeks short, concise messages to highlight the Embrace the Gulf Campaign in 2020. The “365 Messaging Project” is searching for facts concerning the Gulf Coast and relevant watersheds to raise awareness of the region and the campaign.

These facts are designed for use on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, short blog posts, etc.


Entry topics should fit into one of the five Campaign Focus Areas:

Education: weaving key facts about the Gulf of Mexico and the 5-state region from “teacher” point of view (overarching view)

Target audiences: general public, teachers, and students K- 12+

Communities: highlighting the symbiotic, resilient relationship between the land, sea (Gulf), and people. (outward-facing view)

Target audience: general public, local citizenry, chambers of commerce, city governments, townships/cities, architects, builders, city planners

Economy: allowing businesses to showcase the good that they do to enhance the Gulf of Mexico (outward-facing)

Target audiences: general public, commercial fishers, small businesses, large corporations, financial institutions, oil & gas & mineral

Tourism: encouraging positive buy-in with this wide-ranging focus area (inward -and outward-facing)

Target audiences: general public, restaurants, zoos, museums, wildlife centers, water-sport/recreation

Environment: advocating the importance of nurturing the entire Gulf of Mexico region from the seabed floor to marshes, forests, rivers, farmlands, and aquifers (inward -and outward-facing)

Target audience: general public, other four focus areas

All entries must be submitted with a credible, readily accessible source. Please be sure to include a source with EVERY submission. Please upload a digital copy of a printed publication should one be available. If the source can be found online, please include the COMPLETE URL on the submission form.

We encourage participants to submit applicable supporting imagery for each fact (ex. photograph, infographic, diagram, etc.) The submitter MUST hold or have obtained the copyrights to the image being submitted. If an image is submitted, please complete the “Image Agreement and Understanding” section of the submission form.


The submitting party confirms and agrees to the following:

  • All facts are accurate and have been submitted with a credible, readily accessible source. Submitter will provide a copy (digital document or URL) of the source with the submission form.
  • GOMA has the rights to use the submitted content in the “365 Messaging Project” in addition to other supporting opportunities as they arise in relation to the Embrace the Gulf Campaign.
  • The submitter is the owner and copyright holder of any image(s) submitted for GOMA’s use in the “365 Messaging Project” and theEmbrace the Gulf Campaign, or has obtained from the owner and copyright holder permission for the image(s) to be used by GOMA in these ways.
  • The GOMA Education and Engagement Team reserves the right to re-classify/organize facts into the five Embrace the Gulf Campaign focus areas, as the content of each fact allows.

Thank you for your help in highlighting the importance of the Gulf through the “365 Messaging Project” and the Embrace the Gulf Campaign.

Share Your Fact

You can also Download a Word document to submit one or more messages.

Submit to messages@gomxa.org.